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Exploring the Coachella Valley, California

Lynda changes her mind about how beautiful a desert can be


Taking a Chance to See the Taj Mahal

Kathryn decides on the spur of the moment to head out of Delhi with her friend, wondering if she made the right decision…


Tackling the Jumbo Circuit, North Island

Jen is back with another New Zealand hike and greets the sunrise as late Spring warms the mountains


Adventure in Bordeaux

Sue explores Bordeaux and checks out wineries on her electric bike


Into the Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Michelle travels into Kyrgyzstan and plays in the “1st Annual” Highland Games


Explore the Cairns Aquarium, Queensland

Elizabeth dives deep into the Great Barrier Reef at the Cairns Aquarium in Queensland


Adventure in Egypt

Sharon faces 3 fears in one trip, with the help of her guide, Mohamed.


Meditating in a Nunnery in Northern India

Luinda simplifies her life by taking an all-woman meditation retreat in the Himalayas


Dinosaur Hunting in Drumheller Alberta

Deborah drags her old bones over the badlands in search of even older bones

FrenchRidge Hut-NewZealand

Seeking Leopards on Safari in Kenya

Kristien is back with some tips and tricks for finding leopards on safari in Kenya


Adventure in Baduy Land

Helen takes us into a remote part of Java where time has stood still


Adventure on the Myra Canyon Trestles

Deborah confesses that she prefers flat-land cycling and the Kettle Valley Railway rail trails are exceptional.

FrenchRidge Hut-NewZealand

Adventure in the Southern Alps

Jen does a bike and hike in New Zealand with a little sleet thrown in for fun.

Casa-Buena-with-View of the Studio Terrace

Art Adventure in Mexico

Sheree takes a group of women with her to Mexico to paint and soak up the sun.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Show Your Photos Like a Pro

Linda shares tips and tricks to make your photo shows more professional and appealing to your friends and family.

Himalayan Adventure

Exploring Tirana Albania

Road Trip to Bella Coola and the Chilcotins, Canada

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